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Чисти технологии за устойчива околна среда - води, отпадъци, енергия за кръгова икономика“ за изграждане и развитие на Център за компетентност

Запознайте се с пълната програма на третото издание на Международната научна конференция "VITRIFICATION and GEOPOLIMERIZATION of WASTES for INERTIZING and/or RECYCLING", организирана от центъра за компетентност "Clean&Circle"


VitroGeoWaste  III



Third Edition 


Organized by Project BG05M2OP001-1.002-0019:

 “Clean technologies for sustainable environment – waters, waste,

energy for circular economy”



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09 November – morning


Open ceremony

Prof. Georgi  N. Vayssilov, Head of Operational program science and education for smart growth

Prof. Neli Koseva, Scientific Secretary of BAS


Rincón, J.Ma., “Vitrification structures revisited as well as microstructures under electron microscopies” (virtual presentation)


Lancellotti, I., Luisa Barbieri, Cristina Leonelli, Martina Fattobene, Silvia Zamponi, Mario Berrettoni, Marco Giorgetti, “Inertization of tannery wastewater pollutants:  geopolimeizationas sustainable option”


Coffee break


Vassilev, S.V., “Biomass ashes: advantages and challenges for their sustainable utilization”


Han, T., Diego Aponte, Susanna Valls, Mari lda Barra, “Influence of partial replacement of fine demolition waste filler in cement pastes and mortars”


Nikolov, A., A. Karamanov, “Thermal properties of geopolymer based on fayalite waste from copper production and metakaolin”




09 November – afternoon (VIRTUAL SESSION)


Vicent Cabedo, M., F. Javier García Ten, Eva Miguel Hervás, Clara Bretas Alvim, J. José Martín Pino and F. José Vea Folch, “Recovery of the ceramic stream of c&d waste in the production of building materials by alkaline activation” (virtual presentation)


Delgado-Plana, P., S. Bueno-Rodríguez, D. Eliche Quesada, “Biomass fly ash as alternative activator in the manufacture of one-part alkali activated materials based on silicomanganese slag” (virtual presentation)


Freire, L., M. Otero, L. Unamunzaga, C. Ramos, C. Llovo, “Circular economy applied to the metallurgic sector through the alkaline activation technology” (virtual presentation)


García Díaz, A., Dolores Eliche Quesada, Salvador Bueno-Rodríguez, “Addition of chamotte to different industrial byproducts used as precursors for the production of alkali-activated materials” (virtual presentation)


Muñoz Castillo, A., S. Bueno-Rodríguez, D. Eliche-Quesada, “Spent diatomaceous earth, rice husk ash and waste glass as alternative activators in alkali activated cements” (virtual presentation)


Coffee break and discussion


10 November - morning

10: 00-10:40

Karamanov, A., Emilia Karamanova, Georgi Avdeev, Iskra Piroeva, Luciana Maccarini Schabbach, Fernanda Andreola, Rosa Taurino, Luisa Barbieri, “Sintering, phase formation and structure of ceramics based on pre-treated municipal incinerator bottom ash”


Conte, S., Chiara Molinari, Michele Dondi, Chiara Zanelli, “Recycling secondary raw materials in the ceramic tile industry: how to overcome technological hindrances”


Ayadi, Ch., Dolores Eliche–Quesada, “The valorization of clays used in treatment oily waste water in bricks” (virtual presentation)


Coffee break


Djobov, I., Emilia Karamanova, Georgi Avdeev, Alexandar Karamanov, “Characterization of clays from “Mines Maritsa Iztok" as raw materials for ceramic industry”

12:25 -12:50

Karamanov, A., “Are the yellow paving bricks of Sofia an enigma?”





10 November - afternoon

14: 00 – 14:25

Ettahiri, Y., Akhssasi Brahim, Lamia Hejji, Lahcen Bouna, Abdeljalil Benlhachemi, Bahcine Bakiz, D. Eliche-Quesada, L. Pérez-Villarejo, “Enhancement of technological properties in geopolymer concrete based on metakaolinite through the addition of steel slag and volcanic ash” (virtual presentation)

14:25 - 14:50

Pérez-Villarejo, L., “Valorization of industrial wastes in the generation of alkaline activated materials” (virtual presentation)


Hybrid Poster Session & Coffee break and discussion


18:30 – 22:00

Closing Ceremony and Official Dinner


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The use the fine fraction of the construction and demolition wastes for green cements


Ceramic materials obtained by sintering the products emitted by the “Tajogaite” volcano on the island of La Palma


Sintering of glass as solution for reduction mine wastes from the Pyrenees


Rejected brick waste from an industrial Ceramic Plant (Alhabia, Almería, Spain) as raw material for plant substrates


Study of gypsum wastes as by-products from several quarries examined in the Tabernas desert (Almería, Spain)


Alternative activators for alkali activated cement based on electric arc furnace slag


Synthesis and structure of glass-ceramic foam materials from metallurgical waste slag


Immobilization of nickel on geikielite MgTiO3 lattice: effect of mineralizers


Ionic Volatilizations during vitrification of fly ashes


Vitrification of wastes from some Canary Islands basaltic quarries: microstructure and electrical properties


Foam glasses made from waste flat glasses and sugar beet factory lime with the addition of borax and water glass


Modification of feldshpathiod products of fly ash zeolitization


Processing of organic waste by laser radioton for potential applications as reinforcement for ceramic and glass ceramic laminates


Biomass fly ash as alternative activator in the manufacture of one-part alkali activated materials based on silicomanganese slag


Call for papers

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